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Terms and Conditions of the Services

By visiting, browsing and using the all-panelbeaters.com.au website, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to accept these Terms and Conditions of the Services, hereinafter referred to as TCS, which represent a binding agreement between you personally and/or the third party that you may be acting for, and WebMachina LLC.

These TCS are governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.

On this web page the term “content” means materials including text, pictures, artwork, photos, videos and sounds, as well as all software, electronic data and the data base. The terms “we” and “us” mean WebMachina LLC. The term “you” means any entity visiting, or using the website all-panelbeaters.com.au or its resources.

The www.all-panelbeaters.com.au website is private intellectual property. If you do not agree with any of the TCS below, or any conditions stated in our Privacy Policy, you are not legally allowed to either browse this website, or use any of its content in any possible way. Breaching of this condition is classified as trespassing and can lead to legal consequences.

BY USING the www.all-panelbeaters.com.au WEBSITE, YOU AGREE TO ABIDE BY THESE TCS.

The content, structure and the services provided on all-panelbeaters.com.au website, are designed, created, owned and operated by WebMashina LLC.
This site and the data contained in it can only be used as it is permitted by the Copyright Act 1968. No part may be reproduced or data mined without the written permission of WebMachina LLC.

We reserve the rights to update or change our TCS and our Privacy Policy at any time.

The all-panelbeaters.com.au website contains information provided to us by the third parties. WebMachina LLC and our affiliated subsidiaries make no representations about the accuracy of the information provided, including possible inaccuracies or errors. The information provided is without implied warranty in accuracy and can only be used at your own risk.
WebMachina LLC and our affiliated subsidiaries are not accountable for content quality, terms of service, policies and practices of any third party websites that are linked to all-panelbeaters.com.au

WebMachina LLC accepts no liability for the
• Content of listings, including any given promises or warranties expressed or implied, relating in any way to this web site or your use of this web site; and
• Negligence to you, or other parties causing any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage, including loss of revenue, or loss of data, resulting from or in connection with any use of the published information on the all-panelbeaters.com.au website.


All content you post, submit to be posted, or use on the all-panelbeaters.com.au website, including all advertisements, photos and creative designs, must be either your own work, or work which you are using with the permission of the owner.

It is your responsibility to  make sure that you have permission from the rights owner or creator before you use images, photos, artwork or text copied from the other websites or any other media including directories, catalogues and advertisements.

By submitting information or content to any part of the all-panelbeaters.com.au website, including, your web page content, comments, posts, listings, public messages, reviews, ratings you automatically grant to us, or warrant that the owner of the information has given us the license to utilize this content at our own discretion and that this license is free of royalty and any other liabilities. Also, by submitting content to the all-panelbeaters.com.au website, you grant to us irrevocable permission to display all content on the all-panelbeaters.com.au website including your name and contact details.

You guarantee that all content that you publish on the all-panelbeaters.com.au website is true, complete, and correct and does not violate any and all intellectual property rights, such as copyright and trade marks of any legal entity; and does not breach any confidentiality Acts or privacy Laws or Regulations.


Although, we take all reasonable measures to provide our visitors and members with useful and accurate information, there are some possibilities of errors, misprints, evaluations published by the members, editors, or other publishers on the all-panelbeaters.com.au website.

The services and information provided on the all-panelbeaters.com.au website is not intended to be a alternative for professional advice and must not be considered as professional advice.

We do not warrant that the content of all-panelbeaters.com.au website and our newsletters is accurate or complete. We acknowledge no liability for probable mistakes and omissions. The onus to verify the information you rely on is on you.

We do not check or warrant any competence, certification, or solvency of any tradesman or business listed in our directory. It’s the obligations of our website members and users to provide correct information. We do not assume any responsibility for checking the information provided.

The use of all-panelbeaters.com.au website is completely voluntary and we are not held responsible for any possible damages, losses or costs to any user of our website related to the selection of a service provider, or tradesman, or business, or other legal entity listed or advertised on the all-panelbeaters.com.au website.

We are not held responsible or accountable for any potential costs or losses caused to you by any legal entity that you may decide to opt for as a result of using all-panelbeaters.com.au website.
The all-panelbeaters.com.au website makes no statement or assurance that any content of the all-panelbeaters.com.au website is completely accurate, reliable or appropriate. We also make no statement or assurance that your access to the all-panelbeaters.com.au website will be constant, safe, free of errors, viruses, unauthorised codes or other risky components. We may cease operations of the all-panelbeaters.com.au website without advice notice at any time.

Use of the all-panelbeaters.com.au website

You are using the all-panelbeaters.com.au website at your own discretion. You are advised to take all measures to protect you against any possible damages, losses or claims while using the all-panelbeaters.com.au website.

To the extent permitted by Law, we are not liable for any information provided on the all-panelbeaters.com.au website as well as for any possible damages of any nature resulting from your use, or inability to use the all-panelbeaters.com.au website.

You are not allowed to use any automatic searching or data mining software on the all-panelbeaters.com.au website, or obstruct, or trying to mess about with the normal operation of the all-panelbeaters.com.au website.


Registration is compulsory, but only if you are using one of the following services:
• Listing your Smash Repairs business or business related to the panel beating, such as smash repairs tools, car paint supply, car insurance, etc.
• Advertising with us
• Posting jobs or tenders for quotations from tradesmen or businesses;
• Writing job reviews, comments, articles

It is your responsibility to keep your login information safe and secure. We will not ever ask you to disclose your login information.

If you believe that your service account was tampered, please change your login details and contact us immediately. You are the only one, who is liable for any use of your service account.
You are able to stop operations and close your service account whenever you’d like to, but you remain liable for obligations related to your account, if any, even after it’s been closed.

These TCS are applicable even after your service account has been closed.


All content posted by you on the all-panelbeaters.com.au website is subject to review, alteration or removal without notice by the content supervisor. Please, be aware that your personal information that you decide to publish on the all-panelbeaters.com.au website may be used by the third parties.

You are not allowed to publish any unlawful content that can potentially insult, deceive, or harm the other users and members of the all-panelbeaters.com.au website.

We may limit your access to the all-panelbeaters.com.au website or terminate your membership and your account without warning if we, at our solitary discretion, establish that you have violated any provision of our TCS. We will not be responsible for any loss of opportunity or profit that may result from the termination of your membership account.

Copyright and Trade Marks

The content of the all-panelbeaters.com.au website, including its design belongs to us, our members and advertisers and is protected by the Copyright Act 1968, and the Copyright Amendment Act 2006.

You must not copy, display, publish, or distribute any content of the all-panelbeaters.com.au website or our newsletters without our written permission.

You may not use any content published on the all-panelbeaters.com.au website for your commercial purposes to operate your own business or any third party legal entity.

You understand that any breach of this condition may result in damages to us and our other members. You also understand that if you violate this condition, we will possibly seek legal actions against you and other legal entities involved.

The all-panelbeaters.com.au® website is © Copyright Webmachina LLC 2017

Limitation of Liability

Our maximum liability for any claim, which may not be argued or excluded, is limited to the value of the re-supplying of the appropriate goods or services.

Our maximum liability for any loss related to the use of the all-panelbeaters.com.au website will not exceed the greater of the total amount of the fees paid by you to the all-panelbeaters.com.au website less the value of the services provided, or AUD$99.

We will not be liable and will not accept any responsibility for possible losses or damages that might be caused by any failure or interruption of the all-panelbeaters.com.au website.


Under these TCS the relationship between you and us is the relationship between independent contractors and neither the partnership or joint venture nor principal and agent.

Under these TCS you may transfer your obligations and rights to a third party, but only with our written consent.

All communications regarding your account with us will be sent to your registered email address. This is your responsibility to make sure that the email address assigned to your account is up to date and valid.

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